Nicolas Leroux

Author , Composer , singer , musician , engineer & mixer 

I decided to make music professionally in 1997 … after living 5 years in London suburbs, I spent the next 4 years ( normally imparted to a music school ) to compose and discover my musical path … in 2001, I had the opportunity to sign an artist contract that led to my first two albums :

Overhead : Silent Witness 2002

Overhead : No time between 2004

… in 2005, I decided to produce my third album by myself under the name The Fugitive Kind Stone Age ( released in 2008 ) … freedom at last from the experiment of the creative process entirely alone … in that same period, I start recording and mixing other projects …

In 2010, comes the making of my fourth album, again under the name : Overhead « Death by Monkeys » … released in 2012.

Living in Burgundy since 2015, i finally discover the artist village : « La Poèterie » and take the opportunity to transform an open space of 250m² into a recording studio … a project I had for the last two decades … space at last, high ceiling … the technical means to work like the artists that followed me since childhood … Franck Sinatra, The Beatles, The Cure, Prince, Kate Bush, Sonic Youth, The Smith …

… I now have the project to record again, entirely , my fifth album « Inside Out », finished in 2018, with that new tool … this album is due to the end of the year 2021 … under a new identity …